IPL Photofacial:
thread vein and brown spot removal

An IPL Photofacial is the best treatment to reduce the appearance of sun spots, age spots, thread veins and other skin conditions. The result is younger-looking skin.

In IPL treatments, or intense pulsed light, light waves target the skin's hemoglobin or melanin (depending on the treatment). 

IPL Photofacial treatments are non-invasive. Clients may feel discomfort during the first treatment, though IPL Photofacials become more comfortable with each session. Usually three to five IPL sessions are required to achieve the desired result.



Thread veins can be removed using IPL Photofacial treatments. Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of your skin. Some known causes of thread veins include hormonal changes, genetics or excessive exposure to sun, wind or extreme temperatures.

Thread vein removal treatment works by applying IPL to the skin. These pulses damage the vein wall, which is then absorbed by the body, eliminating the appearance of the thread vein.



Brown spots can be removed using IPL Photofacial treatments. Brown spots on the skin's surface can be hyperpigmentation caused sun exposure, genetics or certain medications. 

Spot removal treatment works by applying IPL to the skin. These pulses fragment the melanin pigment, which is absorbed by the body.


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